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B.Des - Visual Communication

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

2004 –  2008  Jerusalem









IDF service

11.10.98 - 07.10.01

Sergeant of operations/Artillery




2004-2008  B.des Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design  - Broadcast department major.

  • Visual communication

  • Broadcast motion design and VFX

  • TV Branding


1995-1998  High school "Ort Hana Senesh" art department Haifa Israel

  • Traditional  arts, photography and graphic design education


1986-1994 junior Art school in Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

  • Traditional arts education


Employment history


2013 - NOW - Freelance motion design, art, and creative management.

Working through a variety of projects with client studios based in Israel including:

  • Gravity

  • Post-office

  • Shortcut-playground

  • Nuance creative

  • Snowball

  • Creative House

  • Breeze Creative

  • Breeze animation

  • SpaceCat

  • Broadcast

  • Bonder

  • Dofo animation
    and many more...


2011-2013- Creative Director "Broadcast media" post-production creative studio.

  • Leading Broadcast and Advertising projects, building design strategy, team management, guiding art development

  • Leading creative VFX teams including design, 3d, compositing and producers from start to final finish.

  • Supervising commercial shoot sessions.

  • Meeting work standards by following production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards, resolving operational problems, identifying work process improvements.

  • Pitching ideas to clients and directors


2010-2012 - Head of Art Department "Broadcast media" post production creative studio.

  • Managing staff of 5-10 designers on wide range of  high budget commercial projects.

  • Coordinating activities with other artistic or creative departments.

  • Reviewing and approving designs, artwork, photography, and graphics developed by staff members


2008-2010 - Senior broadcast designer in "Primus Design group" post production creative studio.

  • Senior VFX motion designer

  • Illustrator

  • Art director


2008-2005 - Art and Design lecturer in preparation classes in Jerusalem

  • Providing constructive courses on wide range of disciplines - drawing, creative thinking, design


2003-2004 - Private lessons Illustration

  • Providing  guidance for junior art students


2003-2001- Junior graphic designer in typography print house

  • Logo design and print solutions


Personal qualities:


As a team player i  :


  • Personable and genuinely concerned for others.

  • Like tackling complex issues involving people and material.

  • Enjoy working, talking and sharing with individuals and small groups.

  • Focus on building harmony and works towards the common good of all.


As a lead i :


  • Encourage harmony and get everyone to contribute.

  • Bring enthusiasm and forward thinking to a project.

  • Provide big picture overviews and in-depth synopsis of situations and problems.

  • Inspire others by being positive and maintaining a can-do attitude.

  • Masterfully synthesizing people, resources, goals and visions.

Living a life without pretense or facade, being accepted for who i am, is what matters to me. I prefer to quietly exert  influence. I try to bring authentic enthusiasm to all that i am involved in. Creating harmony and working towards the common good for all is one of my key motivators. I have a strong need and desire to understand the complexity of human relationships, processes and communication.


Proficient knowledge of all  Adobe Broadcast package, Cinema 4D and Mudbox.


Proficient skills and knowledge in:

  • Traditional arts

  • Typography

  • Illustration

  • Matte-paint

  • Art-direction

  • Graphic design

  • Photography

And that's about it... for now 2020

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